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Want to get your motorcycle license?

QRide is the way. Call 0447714336

Follow the steps to getting your motorcycle license in Mackay with Q Ride and Learn2ride.

The Q Ride course in Mackay is a competency based training and assessment program which covers a number of different training elements and delivered to you by an experienced and accredited motorcycle rider trainer.

A specific training plan has been developed to make learning to ride easy, fun and safe.

You start with a theory session which prepares you with the right mental tools to be able to manage traffic and road  hazards as well as a basic understanding of motorcycle maintenance and inspection and most importantly, roadcraft.

A session at our private training area performing slow riding,, slalom, figure of eight. countersteering, controlled and emergency braking gives you your bike handling skills.

The Qride course is finished with a road ride exposing you to different  riding conditions from built up areas to open highway riding. CALL NOW  0447714336

Our Qride Rider Trainer, Brett Hoskin on ABC Local Radio

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